The Roofers Secret to Facebook Ads

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.15.2019

The Roofers Secret to Facebook Ads

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  2. The 4 Secrets
  3. Targeting
  4. Impressions
  5. Consistency
  6. Creativity
  7. Engaging vs. Boring
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Are you a roofing company that is looking for ways to promote your business to receive new customers? Alternatively, maybe you have a billboard or TV commercial but have not generated the business you were hoping to from the ads. Creating ads on Facebook is a resource that roofing companies tend not to utilize, but has the potential to produce countless new customers.

Roofers can find the same success for Facebook Ads by creating repeatable systems that consistently bring customers to you rather than cold calling, where you have to go to the customers. This system can be broken down into four secrets or categories that when used correctly, can have a massive impact on roofers’ businesses.

Let’s unlock the four secrets to running successful Facebook Ads for your business and how you can get started in under 10 minutes!

The 4 Secrets

The four secrets for successful Facebook Ads for your roofing business include targeting, impressions, consistency, and engagement.

Targeting is about finding the right audience for your business who will be the most likely to become your next customers. However, to target these customers you need to do it in a rhythm that is consistent where you have a doable budget so you can get in front of the right people enough times, so they automatically come to your roofing business when they have an issue.

Staying consistent in the pattern you follow for targeting your audience, so they see you, is vital for your company to be providing results consistently. The last secret is engagement, where the goal is to give the viewers exciting content that would lead them to reach out to your company and become the next customer.

These are the four key pieces to creating successful ads, but if one secret is not being done well or not at all, it significantly impacts the success of the ads for your company. To succeed in your roofing company’s Facebook Ads marketing strategy, check out the following steps on how to implement these four secrets!


Targeting tends to be the step that most roofing businesses don’t utilize to receive the maximum benefit for Facebook Ads. Most companies take one address and run ads within a twenty-five-mile radius or more substantial area, but this radius it to large of a space. The scope is not specific enough, so most people are likely to scroll right past the ad leaving no lasting impression.

The key to targeting is taking little pocketed radiuses about a mile or two around an address where your roofing business just recently completed a job. This specific targeting is beneficial because people within that neighborhood may have seen your business’s signs, trucks, or employees working they are more likely to stop and look at your company building a more substantial brand impact in the whole area in a more practical way.

By specifically targeting a smaller group of people after you complete a job, it builds a personalization of the Facebook Ad leaving the viewers less likely to dismiss it right away if they saw you driving or working in their neighborhood.


By focusing on hyper-targeted Facebook Ads within small radiuses for your roofing business, you get a higher percentage of people to see your ads, work, trucks, and signs all leading to making a lasting impression.

The marketing concept of ‘The Rule of Seven’ helps put the concept of impressions into perspective. In the ‘Rule of Seven,’ it is said that someone has to hear your marketing message at least seven times before they will buy from you. So for roofing businesses, focusing on an area where you most recently had an appearance will increase the number of impressions leading to a higher percentage of people within that neighborhood being potential customers.

Since your company is already leaving impressions with signs, trucks, and working in the area, it only takes a few more impressions with a Facebook Ad to gain new customers. Not only do the ads amplify the impressions your business will win, but it is also a much cheaper way of advertising.

 Compared to the traditional marketing methods of using TV commercials, billboards, and flyers to advertise your roofing business, Facebook Ads are much cheaper. It takes maybe one hundred dollars for one targeting address to make a significant and lasting impact on the neighborhood and for your roofing company to gain new customers.


Being consistent in putting out Facebook Ads for your roofing business is essential. When you don’t have a regular pattern and are just putting out different marketing ads out through various mediums, it creates inconsistency in your business’s marketing budget and the people who see the ads, leading you to not consistently receive new customers, where you have busy times and slow times in your business.

By focusing on your target audience based off of locations where your roofing business completed work, it creates a consistent pattern that you can follow and allows you to not overspend for advertising. All it takes is one day a week where you can look over your completed projects your roofing company completed from the past week and create Facebook Ads for that neighborhood to keep things active.

Not only does this model provide a consistent pattern for advertising, but it also provides a scalable model for your roofing business’s marketing budget. By basing your ads off of a certain percentage from completed jobs, you allow a job in a particular location to expand the reach within its neighborhood.


The most crucial part of running successful Facebook Ads is engagement. Engagement predicts action, but to get the engagement, you have to have exciting content. It is about creating photos and videos that build a connection with people to produce actions that your company is hoping to have. Even if you do the previous steps correctly with targeting, impressions, and consistency, if you have boring content, then people are less likely to engage at all.

Let’s look at the difference between boring and engaging Facebook ads to see how to make them successful.

Boring Content

It is essential to understand the difference between traditional advertising and Facebook Ads. Your roofing company’s ads cannot look like a billboard or a postcard. You should not just be advertising for people to call you on your Facebook Ad or your reach will be extremely limited. Facebook’s algorithm is based on engagement, so the more engagement that your ad receives the more they will show the ad to people within the target radius.

This image is an example of boring content:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 1.47.23 PM

Engaging Content

To create engaging content, add action photos of people working, close up photos, or videos. You can use selfie-style videos to provide valuable pieces of information to customers while out on a job. You don’t have to hire a professional to do this. Use a smartphone to take photos or videos at different jobs your roofing business has.

Does your roofing company use drone shots for roof inspections? Use the drone video footage to get a comprehensive view of the neighborhood to interest the targeted region about what your company is doing. Engaging Facebook Ads for a targeted area is just like going door to door. Facebook has over 3 billion active users, meaning that it is highly probable that a majority of people within your targeted radius will have a Facebook account to see your ad.

Another great way to create engaging content is to include a 15 to 20-second testimonial video in a story style that answers the questions: What was your problem, how did we help you in solving that problem, and what was the result after your problem was solved. You are building a connection with the people in the same neighborhood where your roofing business just finished a job since the targeted audience could recognize their neighbor or a house close by them and are more likely to pay attention to the Facebook Ad. Here is an example of a great testimonial video!

Facebook Ad Setup

Are you ready to get your roofing businesses Facebook Ads out in front of the right people and start getting new customers? Now that we have unlocked the four secrets to running successful Facebook Ads for your roofing business, it’s time to get your Facebook Ads started in under 10 minutes! Check out the steps to get started for a framework on how to use Boostpoint to publish your Facebook Ads for your roofing business.