Our Team

With more than two decades of combined experience among our team, each member brings a different area of expertise to our clients. 

We create a workplace that helps team members discover and use their unique skills so they can thrive as individuals.

Meet our Team

We’re here to serve you.



I previously worked as Marketing Director at Equipter. Now, I am currently CEO of Boostpoint and oversee the daily operations.



I have 10 years of advanced web development experience. Now, I am currently the CTO of Boostpoint.


Customer Support and Success

I spent the past 6 years in the small business world working in multiple different industries. My current role at Boostpoint is helping you grow your business with effective ads. 



I have worked in the web industry for 10 years. Before Boostpoint, I built custom websites for a variety of clients. At Boostpoint, I work on adding shiny new features to provide a better experience to our customers. I also squash bugs when they appear.



Marketing Assistant

Currently in my first year of college, I had previous experience with content writing and social media posting. At Boostpoint, my role includes content writing, creating social media posts, distributing posts on multiple platforms, video editing, and more.