Start your Facebook Ad Campaign Today

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

Do you want to grow your business? Facebook and Instagram Ads are a great tool to utilize. Even if you have never run Facebook or Instagram Ads or have experimented a little bit, but you are not sure how to get real value out of it to confidently advertise on these platforms Boostpoint can help you receive a great return on investment out of your advertising spend. We are an advertising software that we built specifically with contractors in mind to really break down the barrier, learning curve, and time investment for building Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Here is how to get your Facebook and Instagram Ads running in just under 10 minutes!

Run Facebook Ads in Under 10 minutes with these Steps:

Target Audience

First, you will start by setting up your target audience. These are the current addresses where you are currently working or where you will be working in the next week. Adjust the radius around these addresses to be 1 or 2 miles to focus on that specific neighborhood you will be in.

Type of Ad

Next, you need to define the type of ad you want to run; it can be a photo or video ad.


You will select the budget that you want to spend on each ad. So if you have 3 addresses and you want 100 dollars for each address then your total is 300 dollars.

Time Frame

How long do you want the campaign to run? Usually, it is common to have your ad run for 3 weeks so you can edit the calendars for the start and stop dates of the ad.


Now it is time to build the creative side of the ad and decide what it will look like. We have a variety of different templates for different industries that have been professionally written for you to use. The template will prepopulate the fields and you can go through and edit according to what your business is looking for. You can save your edits as your own templates so it is ready for you to use the next time you create an ad campaign.

Visual Content

Then, you will choose an image or video for your ad. You can upload content from your computer or use our stock images and videos.


Preview the ad to make sure it is what you want, then submit and name your campaign.

That is all it takes to get your ad campaign up and running on Facebook and Instagram. In those seven steps, you identified your target audience, budget, timeframe, and content for the ad. This is a repeatable system you can put into action in a consistent way where you can advertise with confidence knowing you are actually going to have a positive return on investment with your advertising dollars. Get started in 10 minutes with Boostpoint!