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Ads "Done for You" Service

Boostpoint Ads Management Service Proposal

Our goal is to help you build a local brand that generates more business. We do this by creating a personalized advertising strategy for your company and implementation that strategy on an ongoing basis.



1. Grow the number of leads and new customers you can get per job
2. Decrease the cost of getting a new customer over time
3. Create a system that creates a steady source of leads



1. Create a company-specific ad strategy for Facebook and Instagram
2. Review ad results and adjust ad strategy each month.
3. Send an overview video of your reports and success each month. 
4. Monthly call (At customer’s choosing) 


Month One


First 30 Days:

Define the people you want to advertise to (Target Persona)

We will have a conversation with you and walk through a process to define the people that you want to show your ads to. This helps us know what to target inside of Facebook as well as know what pictures and words to use in the ads.


Create a budget for your ad spend

We will work with you to create a monthly budget for your ads. We will look at how many people you want to reach and how much many people you want to come to your website to help decide what this number should be.


Gather pictures, videos and content

We want to get you the best results possible so, we will gather photos and videos from you that you already have or help you create those images and photos. (If we create new images and photos, there will be additional costs).


Build Ad Templates & Start First Campaign

Using the content we gathered, we will build ad templates and send them to you for approval. We use these templates for the weekly ad creation and will adjust them over time for improved results.


Gather ad location targets & start running ads

Each week will request the addresses of where you completed work or where you will be working in the future and set up ads and start them running.



Month Two+


Month 2 and ongoing

Start new ads monthly

Each week we will request the addresses or locations you want to target based off of our the people we are targeting and the when we want to be in front of them.


Monthly Ads Review and Adjusting

Each month we will review your ads and how successful they are for you and will adjust the content, timing and audience that we are sending your ads too. 


Monthly Video of Ads performance & review

Each month, we will create a screen share video reviewing your ads and how they performed as well as explaining content, audience and strategy tweaks


Optional monthly client meeting on results and plan

Once a month you will have a scheduled call with your account representative to review goals and results. – video sent for review + optional call.


Done for You Ads Pricing

  • Ads Management package
  • $600 Per Month + 10% of ad spend
  • Cancel anytime with our month to month subscription.

"Live with purpose and empower others to do the same."


Sam Beiler