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Self-Service Software

Software to easily create and run ads for your business

*plus 10% of Ad Spend

Self-Service Software

Start & Grow

This is the backbone of Boostpoint and the beginning of your new source of leads.

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Boostpoint Proprietary Target Audiences
  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Templates
  • Ad Template Library to store all your ad templates
  • Ad Performance Dashboard

Want Us to show you how? No problem!

Optional Training and Set up Service

Let’s walk together as you grow

We will take you from novice to pro in 2 months together. This includes all of the self service platform features plus…

  • Boostpoint proprietary target audiences
  • 4 Training sessions with your staff to get you up and running
  • Training on creating Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Training on ad optimization
  • Training to create Facebook & Instagram ad templates
  • Ad performance dashboard


Plus Self-Service Software Subscription

We know it is hard to get your ad campaign off the ground and we are here to help...

Done For You Services

Find a plan that’s right for you

Our all-in-one plans put our team at work for you!

  • Includes Ad Performance dashboard
  • Ongoing adjustment of your audience
  • Ongoing adjusting of your ad strategy

Starting at $400

Plus Self-Service Software Subscription

Just getting started? Try the basic version 

Frequently asked questions
Pricing & Campaigns

$99 monthly subscription plus your ad spend. Example: Say you spend $800 on ads within a billing period. Your cost for the month will be $899.

Example: Say you build $800 worth of campaigns in one month. $80 will go to Boostpoint and $720 will go to ad platforms like Facebook to purchase ad space.

No. You are only billed based off of the amount of the budget used to run your ads. Example: Say you create a campaign of $500 for two weeks but decide to cancel the ad 1 week into the campaign. You will only be charged approximately $250.

To run ad campaigns on Boostpoint you will need at least a Facebook business page. It is not required to have an Instagram profile but is suggested. If you do not have an Instagram profile linked to your Facebook page, your ads will still be posted on Instagram on behalf of your Facebook profile.

Currently Facebook and Instagram. We are in the process of adding more channels. 

Yes. Ads that you create are linked to your profiles so that people can click through to your profiles.

No. Ads submitted through Boostpoint will not show up on your business pages.

Still no luck? We can help!

Use Boostpoint, powered by Equipter®, to simply and cost-effectively manage digital ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram – all from one dashboard.