How to Target People Most Likely to be a Customer?

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

The big question is how to get your brands message in front of the people who are most likely to become your next customers. Targeting is one of the biggest factors in running an effective Facebook Ad. The goal is to maximize every dollar you spend by only targeting people that are a good fit for your business.

The Wrong way to Target New Customers

One of the most common ways that contractors improperly target their Facebook Ads is taking the address of their office and target a 25-mile radius around the location and run ads consistently in the large area. The problem with that concept is the targeted area is too large and trying to target too many people. When people are scrolling through Facebook and seeing your ad once or twice, it is not enough to create a real brand impact if the people your targeting have not previously interacted with your brand.

A Better Way to Target Customers

To have a lasting impact, we recommend a hyper-targeted approach to your ad campaign. The way to do this properly is to base this off of neighborhoods where you are currently working and are planning to complete within a week or so and use those addresses to create a hyper-targeted ad with a 1 to a 2-mile radius in just those neighborhoods.

The purpose of the 1 to 2-mile radiuses is the people within the targeted neighborhoods will see your business’s brand in many different forms while you are working. All those people are already seeing your trucks, yard signs, you doing work in the area, and now you are targeting them with ads on Facebook for the next 2 to 4 weeks.

On Facebook, they will see your brand multiple times and it will now be a place where they can get to your website to give you a call, respond to your message, reach out to you, and potentially become your next customer.

Targeting to Grow your Business

The people in the neighborhoods you are working in have seen your business throughout the last month in many different forms and now you have established your brand with them. By specifically targeting a smaller group of people after you complete a job, it builds relevance for the Facebook Ad leaving the viewers less likely to dismiss it right away if they saw you driving or working in their neighborhood. It’s more likely for them to come to you when they have a problem that your business solves.