How to Snag Rave Reviews for Your Contracting Business

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 02.19.2019

Getting regular, positive online reviews for your contracting business matters now more than ever. Why?

Focus on stellar customer care.

The foundation for getting great online reviews is earning them. Build a company culture that empowers roofers to care for customers’ homes like they were their own. Do that by:

Claim your profile on review sites.

It’s worth the time to claim your company profile on review sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. In addition to allowing you to respond to feedback, claiming the profile allows you to provide correct information, like services, hours, and contact info.

Ask customers to leave reviews.  

Homeowners are as busy as you are, and even those who would want to leave a review may forget unless reminded. Build asking for reviews into your regular processes so it happens after every job.

Ways to ask include:

Respond to positive reviews.

Acknowledging a review lets the homeowner and prospects know you’re engaged and staying on top of feedback, which conveys you’re a contractor who cares about customers.

Take action on negative reviews.

Look at a bad review as an opportunity to make the situation right and to show homeowners reading the review that you’re willing to make customers happy.

Reply to the review by acknowledging the customer’s complaint (Ex: I’m sorry you were unhappy with the workmanship.) Then, offer to take the conversation offline (Ex: Can I call you this afternoon to talk about a solution?) This takes the spotlight off the situation so you can work out a solution in private.

No matter what, keep the response professional. If the situation is heated, it might be helpful to have a colleague, friend, or family member give you feedback on your responses before you post them. Their outside perspective can alert you if your response comes across as short, rude, or nasty (even if that wasn’t your intent).

Never pay customers or people posing as customers for reviews.

Your reputation as a contractor matters. Don’t ruin it by paying for fake reviews or offering money for good reviews. Check out the FTC’s guidelines for reviews, which are designed to encourage transparency for consumers.

Now put that good reputation to work for you.  

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