How to Create Impressions to Make a Brand Impact

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

There’s this general rule in marketing that says someone needs to see your message at least seven times before you can expect them to take action on your offer and potentially become your next customer. It is known as the “Rule of 7”. So based on this rule, the big question is, how does your business get in front of a large group of people enough times to make a lasting impression?

Creating Impressions

The challenge with traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and direct mail is the expense, which can be thousands of dollars, needed to make enough impressions on an individual. New platforms like Facebook and Instagram, provide a place to reach many people at once for a much cheaper cost. Ads on Facebook and Instagram allow you to target a specific area and only spend 75 to 100 dollars, which will go a long way to get your message in front of these people enough times.

The goal is to build off of your organic reach you are already making with your trucks, signs, and employees working in the area. When combined with a hyper-targeted strategy, that targets the areas your currently working in where you are organically making impressions your Facebook Ads will produce more results. Putting 100 dollars towards a Facebook and Instagram Ad in a one or two-mile radius will get your brand in front of these people three to five times within a two to four week period.

Lasting Brand Impact

Once your business is in front of these people enough times, you create a lasting brand impact. So that when they have a problem that your business fixes, you are the company they naturally think about because you have been in front of them enough times.