How to Create Customer Testimonial Videos

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

To get people to engage with your content, video is currently one of the top ways to create engaging content. One version an engaging video is to bring in human interaction with a customer testimonial video. These videos are more than just a testimonial video, they are stories. You are trying to provide value through this piece of content, where traditionally in a customer testimonial video can come across as a little ‘saleszy’ from your customers.

Traditionally, a customer testimonial video would say “Hey we worked with xyz company and they did a great job and we referred them to all our friends and family.” This is okay for a video but it doesn’t go deep into the problem you were able to your customer. For a really engaging customer story video, you will want to go deeper into the problem and how you helped them solve it. By following this three-step process, you can create engaging customer testimonial videos.

Questions for Engaging Customer Testimonial Videos

Question 1

What problem did you have?

Question 2

How did our company do in solving that problem for you?

Question 3

What was the result after we solved this problem for you?

These questions will trigger your customers to go a little bit deeper into their story and draw out more information that can provide value to other potential customers. For example, a roofing company may draw out information like “I had this big problem because a hailstorm went through my area, I thought my roof was damaged, but I wasn’t quite sure. Xyz roofing company came out inspected my roof for free, and they took away all the stress that was involved with working with the insurance company and all the questions I had. The result was a new roof with a completely stress-free process because they took care of everything.”

Again these three questions will prompt a little bit more of a response like that example which will produce a more engaging piece of content that your potential customers will be able to connect with.