How to Create a Video without a Budget

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

You want to create engaging content but don’t have a 5 to 10 thousand dollar budget to hire a professional video production crew to come out and make you a promotional video for your company? Don’t let that be a hindrance because we have run some tests with Facebook and Instagram Ads and what has been found is that simple videos providing value versus a very well done or commercial type of promo perform better.

Customer Story for Videos without a Budget

For one specific test, we ran two videos side by side. One video was a 10,000 dollar video production, which was a very good promo video talking about the key benefits of working with that particular company. The second video that we ran parallel to it was just a simple video that one of the sales reps filmed with his smartphone. The video that performed quite a bit better was that simple video. The reason being that on social media platforms people are looking to engage with other people, rather than be sold on a product or service. That’s why a traditional type of ad doesn’t to the greatest on social media platforms.

Here are a few tips that will help you make great videos without a budget!

Valuable Content

When you are filming your content is crucial. It is common to see that having human interaction, whether you are talking to the camera, filming one of your employees, or someone involved with your company, take the time to think about the words that you are going to be speaking and think about the value that you can provide the viewer.

A good guide that can help is to position your potential customer and your customers as the hero in the story. To do this, you want to ask yourself the question “how can I provide value to them so that they can be the hero instead of just promoting and shouting how great your company is?” The customer is not necessarily wanting to know how certified you are or how long you have been in business, they are wondering how you can help them solve their problems so they can be the hero in the story.

So, how can you provide value to the reader?


The second tip is entertainment. You can be entertaining or maybe you have someone in your office who is a great entertainer. This is important but it can be a little trickier because it’s easy to be cheesy and why you should lean more on the side of providing value.

Stable Video

There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive camera for a stable video. Get started with what you have. For most people that means their smartphones already have great cameras built into them. To make your video look even better is to make it stable. Getting a tripod or handheld gimble help so your image is very stable and not shaky.

Depth of Field

The fourth tip is to create a little bit of depth of field when you are filming a customer video or one of your sales reps in front of a job you are completing. Create some distance between you and the background so there is a little bit of a better feel.

Clean audio

Lastly, getting clean audio is vital, especially if your filming outside your phone is going to capture all the noise and it’s going to be hard to understand what they are saying. There are some fairly inexpensive microphones for your iPhone like a lav mic or a shotgun mic. Clean audio goes a very long way. Don’t let audio be an excuse for you not to film!

By having a great frame, clean audio, and providing super great value through what you are communicating through the video, you can take these elements and turn it into a video and have a really great piece of engaging content that will trigger the viewer into the action you want.