The Easiest Way to Hire More Caregivers With Social Media Ads

We understand how hard it is to hire enough caregivers to fulfill the high demand of new customers for your Home Care agency. Boostpoint gives you the power to grow your business by providing you with the tools to hire more caregivers.

Boostpoint unlocks the power of social media through hyper-targeted ads so that you can attract more caregivers to your agency

Hyper-targeted Social Media Ads

Social media is the fastest-growing caregiver recruiting channel in the home care industry. Boostpoint helps you take advantage of social media ads for your agency with features like.

Proven ad templates that attract applicants
Pre-configured targeted audiences so your ads are in front of the right people
Optimized job application pages
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Automated Speed to Lead Messaging

Convert more applicants to caregivers with automated text messaging to connect with applicants quicker and double your applicants to interview ratio.

Automated applicant follow-up
Text message interview reminders
Promote referral programs internally
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Applicant Management

Keep track of all your applicants in one place. Report on how many people have applied for your positions then see how many have been hired to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Ad dashboard to track ad performance
Track the status of applicants
Track overall results and ROI
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