What is my total monthly cost?

$99 monthly subscription plus your ad spend. Example: Say you spend $800 on ads within a billing period. Your cost for the month will be $899.

How does the 10% of ad spend get charged?

Example: Say you build $800 worth of campaigns in one month. $80 will go to Boostpoint and $720 will go to ad platforms like Facebook to purchase ad space.

What if I cancel a campaign halfway through the original timeframe. Will I be billed the full amount?

No. You are only billed based off of the amount of the budget used to run your ads. Example: Say you create a campaign of $500 for two weeks but decide to cancel the ad 1 week into the campaign. You will only be charged approximately $250.


Do I need a Facebook and Instagram page to use Boostpoint?

To run ad campaigns on Boostpoint you will need at least a Facebook business page. It is not required to have an Instagram profile but is suggested. If you do not have an Instagram profile linked to your Facebook page, your ads will still be posted on Instagram on behalf of your Facebook profile. 

What channels are my ads posted to?

Currently Facebook and Instagram. We are in the process of adding more channels. 

Are my ads posted on behalf of my social media profiles?

Yes. Ads that you create are linked to your profiles so that people can click through to your profiles.

Are ads posted on my Facebook and Instagram pages as a page post?

No. Ads submitted through Boostpoint will not show up on your business pages.

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