Creating Authenticity Online for Better Customer Engagement

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

Why do some social media posts receive a multitude of likes, comments, and shares while others are virtually ignored? If you’re using Facebook for fun, the answer is inconsequential. But if your business depends on it for expanding revenue, it’s important to dig a little deeper. 

While the answer to this question is complex, and Boostpoint’s proven strategies can help you to maximize engagement online, one aspect of customer engagement on social media that can’t be overlooked is authenticity. 

Authentic Photos

We all want to put our best foot forward on social media, and establishing a clear brand presence is important. A photograph of your team in matching, company-branded T-shirts is a great start. But if all your photos are posed, smiling, and pristine, it can start to bore your audience.

Being authentic is much more interesting, and engaging! Consider showcasing a difficult aspect of a challenging job, or show your crew heading into their favorite coffee shop to get a caffeine fix on an early morning. We all know that work can be tough, and that’s relatable. Snapping a photo at a candid moment and sharing that is authentic, and, you guessed it – engaging. 

Cheer on your friends’ and colleagues’ achievements 

It can be easy to become wrapped up in the “me” culture of social media. But if all your activity online is posting about yourself and your business, you’re doing it wrong.  Show your friends and customers you care by taking the time to post on their accounts. For example, when a social media friend posts about something good that is happening for them, instead of just clicking the like button, write a 1-2 sentence comment that’s a bit more personal.

Be transparent about why you are using social media 

Yes, you are using your social media account for business. And that’s a good thing! For your public social media pages, think about how you can be both authentic AND leave a favorable impression on those who take a quick glance at your pages.  We have just seconds to make a first impression online.

Posting articles relevant to your trade can show that you’re both curious, and interested in the cutting edge of your industry. An inspirational quote can remind others that you have a positive attitude and are optimistic. Keep your posts positive, and relevant to your industry. 

Balance self-promotion with expressions of gratitude 

Many times when people share their achievements on social media, it’s because they’re feeling excited, rather than trying to just brag.  One way you can make these types of shares seem more pro-social is by adding a note about how you’re also feeling grateful. For example, “Just got my first job in a new county. This wouldn’t be possible without the word of mouth and the loyalty of my amazing customers. Thank you for helping me expand!”

Be Patient 

Just as in real life, “perfect” social skills can be hard to execute online. We won’t always be able to share a charmingly candid photo or know the exact right comment to make. Approaching social media with an authentic attitude can be challenging. But having awareness of what you share online is the first step.