There’s this general rule in marketing that says someone needs to see your message at least seven times before you can expect them to take action on your offer and potentially become your next customer. It is known as the “Rule of 7”. So based on this rule, the big question is, how does your business get in front of a large group of people enough times to make a lasting impression?

Creating Impressions

The challenge with traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and direct mail is the expense, which can be thousands of dollars, needed to make enough impressions on an individual. New platforms like Facebook and Instagram, provide a place to reach many people at once for a much cheaper cost. Ads on Facebook and Instagram allow you to target a specific area and only spend 75 to 100 dollars, which will go a long way to get your message in front of these people enough times.

The goal is to build off of your organic reach you are already making with your trucks, signs, and employees working in the area. When combined with a hyper-targeted strategy, that targets the areas your currently working in where you are organically making impressions your Facebook Ads will produce more results. Putting 100 dollars towards a Facebook and Instagram Ad in a one or two-mile radius will get your brand in front of these people three to five times within a two to four week period.

Lasting Brand Impact

Once your business is in front of these people enough times, you create a lasting brand impact. So that when they have a problem that your business fixes, you are the company they naturally think about because you have been in front of them enough times.

The big question is how to get your brands message in front of the people who are most likely to become your next customers. Targeting is one of the biggest factors in running an effective Facebook Ad. The goal is to maximize every dollar you spend by only targeting people that are a good fit for your business.

The Wrong way to Target New Customers

One of the most common ways that contractors improperly target their Facebook Ads is taking the address of their office and target a 25-mile radius around the location and run ads consistently in the large area. The problem with that concept is the targeted area is too large and trying to target too many people. When people are scrolling through Facebook and seeing your ad once or twice, it is not enough to create a real brand impact if the people your targeting have not previously interacted with your brand.

A Better Way to Target Customers

To have a lasting impact, we recommend a hyper-targeted approach to your ad campaign. The way to do this properly is to base this off of neighborhoods where you are currently working and are planning to complete within a week or so and use those addresses to create a hyper-targeted ad with a 1 to a 2-mile radius in just those neighborhoods.

The purpose of the 1 to 2-mile radiuses is the people within the targeted neighborhoods will see your business’s brand in many different forms while you are working. All those people are already seeing your trucks, yard signs, you doing work in the area, and now you are targeting them with ads on Facebook for the next 2 to 4 weeks.

On Facebook, they will see your brand multiple times and it will now be a place where they can get to your website to give you a call, respond to your message, reach out to you, and potentially become your next customer.

Targeting to Grow your Business

The people in the neighborhoods you are working in have seen your business throughout the last month in many different forms and now you have established your brand with them. By specifically targeting a smaller group of people after you complete a job, it builds relevance for the Facebook Ad leaving the viewers less likely to dismiss it right away if they saw you driving or working in their neighborhood. It’s more likely for them to come to you when they have a problem that your business solves.

I know that it can be frustrating to spend lots of money on advertising and not see the results that you should be. How can your business advertise in a way that is consistently bringing in new leads and not costing a fortune?

I want to share with you our 8 secrets to effective Facebook Ads! These 8 secrets will help you:

-Get your business in front of the right audience

-Build a recognizable brand

-Provide a consistent marketing plan

-Create engaging content

The 8 Secrets

The 8 secrets will help break down the simplicity of marketing and find people who are the most likely to become your customers. You can build your brand awareness and gather new customers by using these 8 secrets simultaneously:





-Testimonial videos

-Video without a budget

-Landing Page

-Setup an ad in 10 minutes.

Why Follow the 8 Secrets?

Advertising is similar to investing. If you invest in the right things consistently over time your going to have a domino effect of positive ROI (return on investment). By utilizing and leveraging the Facebook platform consistently, you can build a recognizable brand where people will come to you when they have a problem that your company solves.

Why Facebook Ads?

Creating Facebook Ads is a resource contractor tend not to utilize, but it has the potential to produce countless new customers in a systematic way that a billboard or TV commercial does not. These 8 secrets are the key pieces to creating successful ads, but if one secret is not being done well or not at all, it significantly impacts the success of the ads for your company.

Learn More

Learn how our 8 secrets to effective Facebook Ads can help you in this video!

6 Ways to Get More Jobs for Your Home Services Company

Do you want to get more jobs for your home services company? Check out our list of six ways to get more jobs and see areas where your company can improve its marketing strategy.


Business websites are there to help engage visitors and generate leads. It is vital for your company to have a presence online where people can find you and learn about the services offered. Is your website engaging and generating leads? If not, you should take a look at ways to improve your website to receive new customers.

Call to Actions

One way to engage visitors on your website is through images, graphics, videos, and interactive forms to attract the visitor’s interest and then keep them engaged with the content on your website. For your CTA, pay attention to the design and wording to keep it exciting and straightforward to get the best results.


Just as crucial as CTA’s is having exciting content on your website to keep visitors around. One way to do this is by starting a blog. When you create relevant and consistent information on your blog, you will accelerate lead generation. A blog is a useful tool to give potential customers relevant information they are looking for relating to your service, it helps them to get to know the company, and is a great place to receive feedback and interact with people. When starting a blog, make it SEO friendly so that you are easier to find on search engines. Each lead you receive can be converted into a sale the more they are engaged and knowledgeable about your company.

About You and Services

People want to know about a brand before they will buy from that brand. That is why making a customer feel comfortable and familiar with your company is crucial for your website to provide detailed and personalized information about you and the business. This information should include an ‘About Page’ for your company, a list of services, and how your company can help them.


Do you have easy ways for people to contact you? On your website, you should have a contact page with a phone number, email, or contact form that potential customers can reach out to you if they are interested. However, including a live chat on your website that pops up, asking if a customer has any questions is a great way to initiate a conversation on your website and make the experience better for the person.


Is your website mobile optimized? With the majority of website visits done on smartphones, it is vital for your business website to be mobile-optimized. Your site needs to be able to reformat itself to adjust to the different phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop screen sizes, providing a good experience for the user.

Directory Listings

Do you have your company listed on the current listing and directory sites? Many of the large listing sites rank very well in Google, and you should make sure to have your company listed there. Three sites you should consider registering your home improvement company to get more jobs are YelpHome Advisor, and Houzz.

Jobsite Signage & Truck Lettering

Displaying clean and clear signs where you are completing a job is a great way for neighbors to notice your company. The signs you place at the job along with truck lettering that is visible in the neighborhoods while you are driving and working also provides a way to market your business and allows people to see your company. The more times your company is seen on ads, signs, trucks, and performing at jobs, the more likely someone is to come to you when they have a home improvement issue.


Advertising can be done in many different ways, including job site signs and truck lettering; however, advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are some of the cheapest places to advertise for paid traffic and can generate a significant amount of leads. Often, you can get qualified traffic to your website for less than $1.00 per visit from an advertisement. To get successful results from your ads, try hyper-targeting your ads in a 1-mile radius of your job sites to get highly relevant and qualified traffic. All it takes is 10 minutes to get started with Boostpoint.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are another possibility for advertising, but it is super important that you don’t just put your ad on any video or a variety of different ones. You want to find videos that your target audience will watch or relate to the home improvement job that you do. This way, you are reaching people you are looking for what your company offers.

Google Ads

Make sure you have Google Ads set up for your brand’s names and a few keywords. Sometimes the bid cost for some generic terms can get quite expensive, so start small and make sure you have budgets in place.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great way to stay top of mind for your past customers and generate leads. Using surveys and personalizing your emails are two ways to ensure that customers look at your email.


Adding a survey is a great way to get feedback but also building a connection with your customers through an interactive activity. Surveys help people feel like you care about them to know their opinion, which can help build trust in your company.


You can provide valuable information that can help them out about seasonal maintenance like clean gutters, change the filter in their furnace, and put plastic over old windows. If you have a seasonal promotion, email marketing is a great way to get the message out to your past customers. Sending regular and consistent emails that can build trust and continue the ongoing relationship so they come back to you if they have another issue your home improvement company can take care of.


Now more than ever, it is vital for your business to get regular positive online reviews for your home services company. Make sure your customers leave reviews for you on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other directory listing sites you may be on. Reviews are valuable because regular online reviews will boost local SEO affecting how you appear in a search engine, and reviews also significantly impact customer decisions.


Set up a tool like get GatherUp to automate this process and help you make sure your reviews don’t fall through the cracks. GatherUp is a tool that helps you build your customer feedback by using email and SMS to deliver feedback requests and reminders.

Ready to Start

Now you are on your way to getting more jobs for your home improvement company by incorporating these six ways into your marketing strategy!

True character isn’t determined by image or appearance, but is actually measured at a much deeper level. We all know that it takes time to build depth in relationships to understand someone’s true character. The same thing applies to businesses. Talk is cheap. A company can look great on the outside, have a great brand, have the coolest vehicles or social media posts, but if they don’t deliver a consistent product or service, their good image will be discounted. After all we live in a world where reviews are so impactful and companies must be ready to deliver.

With that being said, don’t short change what your company offers by not representing it properly.

You’ve probably heard or read that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken. This same concept translates when trying to gain new clients. Initially, how we are perceived by potential clients is more impactful than how we deliver.  

The bottom line is, your company’s vehicles and equipment represent your company whether you like it or not.

Potential customers make judgements on your company based off of your appearance. If your company is poorly represented, then people will go elsewhere.

You have access to mobile billboards at a fraction of the cost of a roadside billboard or tv ad. Your company vehicles are your mobile billboard, are you using the space? Don’t waste the opportunity to represent your company well. Don’t discount the importance of all of the hard work and delivery on the back end, but if you are wanting to gain more business, it’s foolish to let this valuable opportunity go to waste.  

Your company’s image impacts the way people think of your company. You could be the best company with the best service, providing the best products at the best price, but if your company branding doesn’t represent those things, there is potential that prospective clients will overlook you. If your vehicle branding doesn’t stand out as a clear modern design, customers will struggle to recognize who you are and what you do. Without realizing it, we are constantly leaving impressions.

It’s common knowledge that contractors, landscapers, and in-home service companies gain more business in neighborhoods they are already serving. Why? People trust companies that they are familiar with, especially those that their neighbors are using. Is your company familiar to people? If you are parked in a neighborhood, would someone know what company you are and what you have to offer? If someone drives by your vehicles, would they stand out?

The Roofers Secret to Facebook Ads

  1. Introduction
  2. The 4 Secrets
  3. Targeting
  4. Impressions
  5. Consistency
  6. Creativity
  7. Engaging vs. Boring
  8. Strategy Summary
  9. Ad Setup in 10 min
  10. Setup Summary
  11. Boostpoint
  12. 30 day FREE trial
  13. Start Ads Today


Are you a roofing company that is looking for ways to promote your business to receive new customers? Alternatively, maybe you have a billboard or TV commercial but have not generated the business you were hoping to from the ads. Creating ads on Facebook is a resource that roofing companies tend not to utilize, but has the potential to produce countless new customers.

Roofers can find the same success for Facebook Ads by creating repeatable systems that consistently bring customers to you rather than cold calling, where you have to go to the customers. This system can be broken down into four secrets or categories that when used correctly, can have a massive impact on roofers’ businesses.

Let’s unlock the four secrets to running successful Facebook Ads for your business and how you can get started in under 10 minutes!

The 4 Secrets

The four secrets for successful Facebook Ads for your roofing business include targeting, impressions, consistency, and engagement.

Targeting is about finding the right audience for your business who will be the most likely to become your next customers. However, to target these customers you need to do it in a rhythm that is consistent where you have a doable budget so you can get in front of the right people enough times, so they automatically come to your roofing business when they have an issue.

Staying consistent in the pattern you follow for targeting your audience, so they see you, is vital for your company to be providing results consistently. The last secret is engagement, where the goal is to give the viewers exciting content that would lead them to reach out to your company and become the next customer.

These are the four key pieces to creating successful ads, but if one secret is not being done well or not at all, it significantly impacts the success of the ads for your company. To succeed in your roofing company’s Facebook Ads marketing strategy, check out the following steps on how to implement these four secrets!


Targeting tends to be the step that most roofing businesses don’t utilize to receive the maximum benefit for Facebook Ads. Most companies take one address and run ads within a twenty-five-mile radius or more substantial area, but this radius it to large of a space. The scope is not specific enough, so most people are likely to scroll right past the ad leaving no lasting impression.

The key to targeting is taking little pocketed radiuses about a mile or two around an address where your roofing business just recently completed a job. This specific targeting is beneficial because people within that neighborhood may have seen your business’s signs, trucks, or employees working they are more likely to stop and look at your company building a more substantial brand impact in the whole area in a more practical way.

By specifically targeting a smaller group of people after you complete a job, it builds a personalization of the Facebook Ad leaving the viewers less likely to dismiss it right away if they saw you driving or working in their neighborhood.


By focusing on hyper-targeted Facebook Ads within small radiuses for your roofing business, you get a higher percentage of people to see your ads, work, trucks, and signs all leading to making a lasting impression.

The marketing concept of ‘The Rule of Seven’ helps put the concept of impressions into perspective. In the ‘Rule of Seven,’ it is said that someone has to hear your marketing message at least seven times before they will buy from you. So for roofing businesses, focusing on an area where you most recently had an appearance will increase the number of impressions leading to a higher percentage of people within that neighborhood being potential customers.

Since your company is already leaving impressions with signs, trucks, and working in the area, it only takes a few more impressions with a Facebook Ad to gain new customers. Not only do the ads amplify the impressions your business will win, but it is also a much cheaper way of advertising.

 Compared to the traditional marketing methods of using TV commercials, billboards, and flyers to advertise your roofing business, Facebook Ads are much cheaper. It takes maybe one hundred dollars for one targeting address to make a significant and lasting impact on the neighborhood and for your roofing company to gain new customers.


Being consistent in putting out Facebook Ads for your roofing business is essential. When you don’t have a regular pattern and are just putting out different marketing ads out through various mediums, it creates inconsistency in your business’s marketing budget and the people who see the ads, leading you to not consistently receive new customers, where you have busy times and slow times in your business.

By focusing on your target audience based off of locations where your roofing business completed work, it creates a consistent pattern that you can follow and allows you to not overspend for advertising. All it takes is one day a week where you can look over your completed projects your roofing company completed from the past week and create Facebook Ads for that neighborhood to keep things active.

Not only does this model provide a consistent pattern for advertising, but it also provides a scalable model for your roofing business’s marketing budget. By basing your ads off of a certain percentage from completed jobs, you allow a job in a particular location to expand the reach within its neighborhood.


The most crucial part of running successful Facebook Ads is engagement. Engagement predicts action, but to get the engagement, you have to have exciting content. It is about creating photos and videos that build a connection with people to produce actions that your company is hoping to have. Even if you do the previous steps correctly with targeting, impressions, and consistency, if you have boring content, then people are less likely to engage at all.

Let’s look at the difference between boring and engaging Facebook ads to see how to make them successful.

Boring Content

It is essential to understand the difference between traditional advertising and Facebook Ads. Your roofing company’s ads cannot look like a billboard or a postcard. You should not just be advertising for people to call you on your Facebook Ad or your reach will be extremely limited. Facebook’s algorithm is based on engagement, so the more engagement that your ad receives the more they will show the ad to people within the target radius.

This image is an example of boring content:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 1.47.23 PM

Engaging Content

To create engaging content, add action photos of people working, close up photos, or videos. You can use selfie-style videos to provide valuable pieces of information to customers while out on a job. You don’t have to hire a professional to do this. Use a smartphone to take photos or videos at different jobs your roofing business has.

Does your roofing company use drone shots for roof inspections? Use the drone video footage to get a comprehensive view of the neighborhood to interest the targeted region about what your company is doing. Engaging Facebook Ads for a targeted area is just like going door to door. Facebook has over 3 billion active users, meaning that it is highly probable that a majority of people within your targeted radius will have a Facebook account to see your ad.

Another great way to create engaging content is to include a 15 to 20-second testimonial video in a story style that answers the questions: What was your problem, how did we help you in solving that problem, and what was the result after your problem was solved. You are building a connection with the people in the same neighborhood where your roofing business just finished a job since the targeted audience could recognize their neighbor or a house close by them and are more likely to pay attention to the Facebook Ad. Here is an example of a great testimonial video!

Facebook Ad Setup

Are you ready to get your roofing businesses Facebook Ads out in front of the right people and start getting new customers? Now that we have unlocked the four secrets to running successful Facebook Ads for your roofing business, it’s time to get your Facebook Ads started in under 10 minutes! Check out the steps to get started for a framework on how to use Boostpoint to publish your Facebook Ads for your roofing business.

Getting regular, positive online reviews for your contracting business matters now more than ever. Why?

Focus on stellar customer care.

The foundation for getting great online reviews is earning them. Build a company culture that empowers roofers to care for customers’ homes like they were their own. Do that by:

Claim your profile on review sites.

It’s worth the time to claim your company profile on review sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. In addition to allowing you to respond to feedback, claiming the profile allows you to provide correct information, like services, hours, and contact info.

Ask customers to leave reviews.  

Homeowners are as busy as you are, and even those who would want to leave a review may forget unless reminded. Build asking for reviews into your regular processes so it happens after every job.

Ways to ask include:

Respond to positive reviews.

Acknowledging a review lets the homeowner and prospects know you’re engaged and staying on top of feedback, which conveys you’re a contractor who cares about customers.

Take action on negative reviews.

Look at a bad review as an opportunity to make the situation right and to show homeowners reading the review that you’re willing to make customers happy.

Reply to the review by acknowledging the customer’s complaint (Ex: I’m sorry you were unhappy with the workmanship.) Then, offer to take the conversation offline (Ex: Can I call you this afternoon to talk about a solution?) This takes the spotlight off the situation so you can work out a solution in private.

No matter what, keep the response professional. If the situation is heated, it might be helpful to have a colleague, friend, or family member give you feedback on your responses before you post them. Their outside perspective can alert you if your response comes across as short, rude, or nasty (even if that wasn’t your intent).

Never pay customers or people posing as customers for reviews.

Your reputation as a contractor matters. Don’t ruin it by paying for fake reviews or offering money for good reviews. Check out the FTC’s guidelines for reviews, which are designed to encourage transparency for consumers.

Now put that good reputation to work for you.  

Get the name you’ve worked so hard to build in front of the right people. Boostpoint is a software solution that places Facebook and Instagram ads in front of the homeowners most likely to be your next contracting customers. Get started with a free trial.

Do you want to generate more business? In this post, we’re going to cover how to best take advantage of Boostpoint for your local company from strategy to implementation so that you can build a brand that generates more business. 

Step 1: Create a Boostpoint Account

Go to and register for an account. If you already have an account just login to your existing account. 

Step 2: Connect Your Facebook Business Page 

To connect you business Facebook page, go to settings and click the toggle switch and follow the prompts. Connecting your Facebook page allows Boostpoint to create ads on behalf of your page so that traffic is directed to your brand. 

Facebook Gif

Step 3: Add Billing Info

The next step is to add a credit card to your account. This is the payment method that will be used to bill your monthly subscription and your accumulated ad spend.

Step 5: Create a Campaign

Now you’re ready to create a Boostpoint campaign. The strategy we recommend is creating campaigns around areas you have recently completed work. For example, let’s say you completed 7 jobs this past week. The strategy would be the following

Ad Creation

Target Area:

Add the addresses of these jobs into Boostpoint and select a 1-2 mile radius.

Ad type: 

Photo and video ads both have potential for quality engagement. With that said, context is key here. Put yourself in the shoes of the person looking at the photo or video and ask yourself if you would find this engaging? You can also choose to run both a photo and a video ad at the same time. I really recommend this method because is keeps your ads a bit more fresh when people see them multiple times.  

Budget and Schedule:

We recommend taking a 1% approach for finding the right budget for your campaigns. For example, if your revenue from a job is $8,000. Take 1% ($80) and put it back into marketing in that neighborhood. So if you’re creating a campaign with 7 addresses, your total budget would be $560. One of the benefits about this strategy is that your ad spend stays relevant with your total revenue. 


Creating engaging content is the multiplication factor when creating campaigns. Start with a Boostpoint template and then make it personal to your brand. Here’s a great article to help you generate some ideas.

Step 6: Analyzing

Analyzing Reports Gif

Once you have campaigns up and running you can analyze your results by going to your reports dashboard. 

Step 7: Repeat

This strategy relies on consistency to be effective. I  recommend keeping your campaigns as current as possible. The best case scenario would be to have your campaign started a few days before you complete work in a neighborhood or you could get in a groove where every Friday you create campaigns based off of how many jobs you completed that week.


My goal with this post is to present a framework not a rulebook. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to draw outside the lines to see what works for your brand and your audience. Happy marketing!    

Your digital ad could be the most engaging, most creative content in the world, but if the right people don’t see it, you’ve just wasted time and money.

Here are two must-have ingredients to ensure that when it’s time for a consumer to find a nearby plumber, roofer, caterer, or whatever it is you do best, yours is the brand they remember.

Targeting that identifies your likeliest future customers

Your service area may extend 10 or 25 miles, but showing ads to that entire audience on Facebook and Instagram isn’t usually the most cost-effective way to spend digital ad dollars.

Instead, you’ll get more out of your marketing budget by targeting the advertisement to specific neighborhoods where you’re already working or planning to work soon.

These audiences are the most receptive because you are currently—-or will be—-a physical presence in their neighborhood, from yard signs to branded trucks to employees’ company t-shirts.

You could try to define these specific audiences yourself, but that can take lots of trial and error. Even if you have a pretty good handle on digital marketing, that kind of legwork often takes more time than you have, especially if you’re an owner-operator.

Boostpoint makes digital advertising easier on Facebook and Instagram with algorithms that define those specific audiences for you. The result is targeting that’s spot-on, creating repeated impressions with the right people—-and, in addition to building a strong local brand name, that also makes your digital advertising much more effective.

Impressions where & when they matter most

A consumer needs to see your message at least 7 times before taking action and buying your product or service. The essence of that old marketing saying still holds true in the digital advertising world.  

As a local business, you’re already—-or will be—-making impressions in the neighborhoods where you work. Every yard sign, every truck graphic, every door hanger…each is a chance to make that impression on someone who might need your services, whether it’s next week or next year.

Adding digital impressions through ads on channels like Facebook and Instagram reinforces the messages you’re already sending to nearby consumers. And, because the impressions are digital, they also give potential customers a place to take action, like clicking through to your website where they can, for example, request an estimate.

Consistent impressions place your brand in front of the right people before they maybe even realize they need your services, so that when an event happens and they need a roofing contractor or professional landscaper, your company is the first name they think to call.

Ready to get started?

Use Boostpoint to grow your local brand. Sign up for your free account—-it takes only a few minutes to connect your company’s social media profiles, and it’s simple to start getting those highly targeted impressions.

Creativity is marketing’s X-factor.

It’s the element that creates engagement between your brand and the people on the other side of your Facebook or Instagram ads.

So how do you build digital ads that create engagement?

When you’re creating local ads to market your business, put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re working to connect with.

Ask yourself: What would engage that person scrolling through their social media?

The answer is different than advertising on static platforms, like billboards or direct mail pieces, where we might use a Call To Action like “Call us for a free estimate” or “Buy 3 new windows, get 1 free.”

Two Quick Creative Digital Ad Ideas to Engage Your Local Audience

One way to create click-worthy content is to tap into the stories of customers in the neighborhoods you’re targeting with a particular ad. For example, after wrapping up a project, use your smartphone to film a short customer story to highlight that client’s problem and how your business solved it for them.

Or are you a contractor using drones? Another simple idea: Capture aerial footage or an image of the neighborhood where you’ve just done work. Then use the bird’s-eye view content in a digital ad campaign that targets that same neighborhood. Use a CTA like: We’re replacing roofs in your area—contact us for a free estimate!

The more engaging your local digital ads are, the more likely they’ll be seen.

Telling local customers’ stories and showing unique images a viewer may not have seen before can boost engagement so people seeing those digital ads are more likely to do business with your brand instead of with the competition.

Starting or refreshing your digital ad strategy is easier than you think.

Boostpoint is a digital ad solution that empowers you to create, publish, target, and measure social media-based campaigns that grow your business. And, if you need a creativity nudge, Boostpoint even gives you access to digital ad templates.See firsthand how simple and effective local digital advertising can be—sign up for free.