Best Customer Testimonial Videos to Generate Facebook Leads

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 07.23.2020

Video innovation on Facebook is shaping the way businesses generate leads. Now, you can utilize customer testimonial videos in your Facebook marketing campaign in a bid to connect your brand to more people. But, how do you get in granular with your target customers? How do you customize your video for ads to stand out from those of other brands? While there are myriad of options available, a video testimonial communicates with prospects the worth of your product.

Why Use Customer Video for Ads to Generate Facebook Leads 

Customer video testimonials provide you with the chance to demonstrate the success of your product. It provides you with a unique opportunity to impact a customer’s purchasing decision. As a lead generator, the video automatically supercharges your Facebook page, which catches most users’ attention. As a marketer then, you should not look at video for ads as a hassle. The benefits of said video innovation include:

1. Video for ads to generate leads is an unexplored niche

Most marketers consider the creation of video ads as a hassle. Using testimonials from previous clients is even rarer. This makes Facebook Video Ads an even more significant opportunity for you.

2. Video testimonials build trust with potential customers

By customizing your testimonials and marketing cycles to reach the target audience, you might effectively build trust with potential customers. This appeals to your potential client as they can get reviews from an independent source.

3. Customer video testimonials are social proof

Testimonials endorse your services better than any other marketing strategy. It showcases what a customer has been able to achieve with your product. It is a great avenue to show how you provide value from a different source other than yourself.

4. Customer video testimonials lead with emotion

In any marketing campaign, you aim at skewing your potential client’s feelings towards purchasing your product. Video testimonials deliver just that. These often create an emotional pull to your brand, which significantly increases the chances of lead conversion. To take full advantage of this effect, you should feature different customers, which gives your video different perspectives.

Tips for the Best Customer Testimonial Videos for Ads to Generate Leads 

1. Find out what your audience likes to watch

For the best customer testimonial videos, consider tailoring your testimonials for different personas. You should figure out what traits and characteristics your ideal customer has. After that, you should feature your best-fit customers, which makes them more relatable to prospective buyers.

2. Focus on the customer’s journey

To best generate a Facebook lead from customer’s video testimonial, really focus on the customers’ interaction with your product. This highlights how the product will effectively solve the potential customer’s problems. You can cleverly insert some of your product’s selling features without necessarily making the video a narrative of the product.

3. Utilize CPM bidding

This build-in feature ensures that your video ads are on auto-play, which in turn ensures that your advertisement reaches a broader audience.

4. Get to the point quickly

You should seek to have the testimonials be straight to the point without any vagueness or fluff. By cutting the clutter, you save on the cost of running the Facebook ad. Besides, you get to engage your audience on the parts that matter the most.

5. Benchmark your Facebook ads

You should pay attention to how each video performs in any advertisement cycle. By utilizing an engagement matrix, you can decipher what appeals to your audience the most. This ensures that you are then able to maximize your Facebook ad campaign.

6. Focus on the tangible impact

Customer testimonial videos are a third-party validation for your company. Have these customers provide specific results by asking them specific questions on the effectiveness of your product. Consider showing your potential customers more results of your work across different media.

7. Capture a real moment

To make your testimonial video stand out, and to ensure that you have captured the lead, incorporate varied customer reactions to the product. On the other hand, you can go for a single customer testimonial, which will then provide your prospective client with a more detailed review.

8. Intercut the testimonials with results

As your customer expresses their unique experience with your product, you can insert slides of the results they have had. This change of media from the video to photos, for instance, keeps the viewer engaged. This seals the deal when it gets down to skewing your potential purchasing decision.

9. High-quality production matters

Any marketing campaign and more so customer video testimonials are a representation of your brand. As such, you should invest in having higher quality videos, which shows the prospective the care and detail you put into your brand.

Video testimonies are gold, especially when it pertains to the generation of Facebook leads. Your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand if they are preview to what others experience with your product has been. When done right, customer video testimonials are a sure way of showcasing the value of your service, which will, in turn, ensure you have higher conversions of Facebook video Ad campaigns.