A Consistent Process that will Accelerate Business Growth

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

It can be hard to build consistency in your advertising and marketing. It is so easy to default to a shotgun approach in advertising where you tend to put large amounts of money towards marketing and advertising in a time when work is slow hoping for a good return on investment but tend to overlook advertising when business is doing well. So, how do you build a repeatable process that will accelerate business growth?

Consistent Advertising Process

Advertising is similar to investing because to generate a steady return with compound interest in investing; it takes consistency in putting your money into a good investment. The same is true for advertising, to get a good return on investment you have to find the best place to put your advertising money. Facebook and Instagram Ads are one of the best places to invest your advertising dollars, but it takes a consistent rhythm and pattern to return consistent results.

The strategy Boostpoing proposes is that you build your advertising campaigns in all of the areas you are currently working. Not only does it increase the probability of the people in that specific neighborhood seeing your ads, but by following this pattern of running campaigns from current job sites on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you will see business growth throughout the year. For example, every Monday morning, you get into the office check where you are currently going to be working for the next week or so and build campaigns in those areas.

Consistent Advertising Budget

It’s great to have a marketing strategy, but how will you fund that plan. It is crucial also to have a consistent budget where you are not just shotgun spending on advertising. The consistent pattern for your marketing strategy is not the only piece that it benefits, but also your marketing budget.

When you base your ads off of your current jobs, you can also base your budget off of those jobs as well. We have found that as a general rule for contractors, taking one percent of the job value and reinvesting that in the neighborhood you are working in to return more customers in those areas.

By having a consistent marketing strategy and marketing budget, you will be more likely to accelerate business growth consistently throughout the whole year. Don’t wait until business is slow, start getting your business’s message out there!