6 Ways to Get More Jobs for Your Home Services Company

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 06.1.2019

6 Ways to Get More Jobs for Your Home Services Company

Do you want to get more jobs for your home services company? Check out our list of six ways to get more jobs and see areas where your company can improve its marketing strategy.


Business websites are there to help engage visitors and generate leads. It is vital for your company to have a presence online where people can find you and learn about the services offered. Is your website engaging and generating leads? If not, you should take a look at ways to improve your website to receive new customers.

Call to Actions

One way to engage visitors on your website is through images, graphics, videos, and interactive forms to attract the visitor’s interest and then keep them engaged with the content on your website. For your CTA, pay attention to the design and wording to keep it exciting and straightforward to get the best results.


Just as crucial as CTA’s is having exciting content on your website to keep visitors around. One way to do this is by starting a blog. When you create relevant and consistent information on your blog, you will accelerate lead generation. A blog is a useful tool to give potential customers relevant information they are looking for relating to your service, it helps them to get to know the company, and is a great place to receive feedback and interact with people. When starting a blog, make it SEO friendly so that you are easier to find on search engines. Each lead you receive can be converted into a sale the more they are engaged and knowledgeable about your company.

About You and Services

People want to know about a brand before they will buy from that brand. That is why making a customer feel comfortable and familiar with your company is crucial for your website to provide detailed and personalized information about you and the business. This information should include an ‘About Page’ for your company, a list of services, and how your company can help them.


Do you have easy ways for people to contact you? On your website, you should have a contact page with a phone number, email, or contact form that potential customers can reach out to you if they are interested. However, including a live chat on your website that pops up, asking if a customer has any questions is a great way to initiate a conversation on your website and make the experience better for the person.


Is your website mobile optimized? With the majority of website visits done on smartphones, it is vital for your business website to be mobile-optimized. Your site needs to be able to reformat itself to adjust to the different phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop screen sizes, providing a good experience for the user.

Directory Listings

Do you have your company listed on the current listing and directory sites? Many of the large listing sites rank very well in Google, and you should make sure to have your company listed there. Three sites you should consider registering your home improvement company to get more jobs are YelpHome Advisor, and Houzz.

Jobsite Signage & Truck Lettering

Displaying clean and clear signs where you are completing a job is a great way for neighbors to notice your company. The signs you place at the job along with truck lettering that is visible in the neighborhoods while you are driving and working also provides a way to market your business and allows people to see your company. The more times your company is seen on ads, signs, trucks, and performing at jobs, the more likely someone is to come to you when they have a home improvement issue.


Advertising can be done in many different ways, including job site signs and truck lettering; however, advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ads.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are some of the cheapest places to advertise for paid traffic and can generate a significant amount of leads. Often, you can get qualified traffic to your website for less than $1.00 per visit from an advertisement. To get successful results from your ads, try hyper-targeting your ads in a 1-mile radius of your job sites to get highly relevant and qualified traffic. All it takes is 10 minutes to get started with Boostpoint.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are another possibility for advertising, but it is super important that you don’t just put your ad on any video or a variety of different ones. You want to find videos that your target audience will watch or relate to the home improvement job that you do. This way, you are reaching people you are looking for what your company offers.

Google Ads

Make sure you have Google Ads set up for your brand’s names and a few keywords. Sometimes the bid cost for some generic terms can get quite expensive, so start small and make sure you have budgets in place.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great way to stay top of mind for your past customers and generate leads. Using surveys and personalizing your emails are two ways to ensure that customers look at your email.


Adding a survey is a great way to get feedback but also building a connection with your customers through an interactive activity. Surveys help people feel like you care about them to know their opinion, which can help build trust in your company.


You can provide valuable information that can help them out about seasonal maintenance like clean gutters, change the filter in their furnace, and put plastic over old windows. If you have a seasonal promotion, email marketing is a great way to get the message out to your past customers. Sending regular and consistent emails that can build trust and continue the ongoing relationship so they come back to you if they have another issue your home improvement company can take care of.


Now more than ever, it is vital for your business to get regular positive online reviews for your home services company. Make sure your customers leave reviews for you on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other directory listing sites you may be on. Reviews are valuable because regular online reviews will boost local SEO affecting how you appear in a search engine, and reviews also significantly impact customer decisions.


Set up a tool like get GatherUp to automate this process and help you make sure your reviews don’t fall through the cracks. GatherUp is a tool that helps you build your customer feedback by using email and SMS to deliver feedback requests and reminders.

Ready to Start

Now you are on your way to getting more jobs for your home improvement company by incorporating these six ways into your marketing strategy!