5 Key Strategies When Using Automated Text Messaging for Lead Ad Follow-up

by Ella Schnoor | Last Updated on 07.23.2021

You have a strategy to generate leads but you still aren’t seeing an increase in the number of leads you’re actually turning into prospects.  Why not?

We often see companies so focused on finding leads that they don’t consider the significance of a fast and uniform follow-up process.  By implementing instant, automated text messages as soon as you get a completed lead form, your connect rate will improve.  

The 5 Key Strategies for Lead Ad Follow-up

To properly create a follow-up strategy that works for your business, there are 5 key elements to consider- how quickly you can connect with your lead, how organized and streamlined your follow-up process is, how well you continue to stay in touch with your customer after your initial connect, how well you encourage reviews and referrals, and how you use old leads as new assets.

  1. Speed to Lead

The faster you can connect with any lead, the better- open up a line of communication immediately. By setting up automatic text messages, you get in touch with your potential prospects as soon as they express interest.  The objective of this is to then get them on a phone call to have a conversation. 

  1. Streamlined Follow-up

If you utilize both the instant text messages and a follow-up call within 5 minutes of the text, you are increasing your chances of getting a hold of the applicant by 21 times. Why? Because the point of contact is immediate and memorable. Take advantage of the moment.

By simply talking to more people, you can increase your closing rate.

That is dependent on how you follow up. Try a cadence of 3-days of follow-up and if you can’t make a point of connection, try again in the future.

  1. Staying in touch

If you did make a connection, stay in touch. If they bought from you, keep them updated throughout the entire buying process and ask them for their feedback. By taking that initial connection even further, you’re building customer loyalty and making it even easier to get referrals and reviews. If they didn’t buy from you, ask them why not?  There is value in feedback whether it’s good or bad.  

  1. Encouraging Reviews and Referrals

For many industries, your reputation can influence whether or not you even get a lead, not to mention a customer.  Encouraging reviews and referrals from those customers that you’ve established a relationship shouldn’t be difficult because you have had a professional yet open conversation with them from the very beginning.

  1. Using Old Leads as New Assets

Do you have old leads that you couldn’t turn into customers? Try sending them a text message.  These leads have been sitting in your database and you paid for them in one way or another, so treat them like the assets they are.

With your new, streamlined follow-up process combined with text message communication, you may find that the only reason that lead didn’t become a customer was simply that they weren’t being communicated with.