4 Tips for Creating Engaging Content

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 05.1.2020

Creating engaging content can make or break your marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter how well you target your audience or make good impressions if you don’t have engaging content people will be less likely to interact or respond to your content. This is what I like to call the “X Factor” in advertising. When you create an engaging ad that triggers the response you are looking for from your audience then you have a successful ad.

What makes an ad engaging? Good question. Here are four tips to help you create engaging content for your next Facebook Ad campaign.

Tip #1 Perspective for Engaging Content

Are the images, videos, and copy you are using for your ads going to be engaging? Will people find them interesting and worth interacting with? A general rule to follow when you build out a new advertising campaign is taking a look at the ad through a third person perspective. Ask yourself “if I had no idea what the industry, service, or product was, would I find the words, images and/or video in this piece of content interesting?”

Having a third person perspective to guide your creative process can help you determine whether the content will be engaging for your audience.

Tip #2 Human Interaction

If you want your ads to succeed on Facebook, it is important to shift your mind from traditional ways of marketing like creating ads for billboards, postcards, or TV commercials. These types of ads will not perform well on the Facebook platform.

If your ad goes right to “Call 1-800-New-Roof” for a special discount or offers it is too impersonal for a Facebook Ad. The reason for this is because Facebook and Instagram were built off of looking to create deeper relationships with friends and family. That means that when people are on Facebook and Instagram that are wanting to interact with other people and are looking for human interaction on these platforms.

Tip #3 Creative Videos

A great way to bring human interaction into your ad is through video.

A customer story video is a great option because people can hear about another person’s experience. Have a customer answer questions like what the problem was, how it was working with your company, and how your company helped solve the problem. This brings more insight for the potential customers looking at hiring you to hear about someone else’s experience.

Another great option for video is a quick selfie video telling people the value that you can provide. For example, a roofing contractor might do a video saying “Hey, I’m in this neighborhood, we’re inspecting roofs because of the recent windstorm that went through the area. Give us a call or fill out the form for a free roof inspection.” Something as simple as that is a great source of engaging content for running ads because of the value it provides to your audience.

Tip #4 Action Photos

Maybe your not ready to get in front of the camera, action photos are another type of content that works fairly well. Take some action photos of your workers actually working in the area or how to do some of the work. Actions photos provide more of the human interaction that people like to see on Facebook and Instagram rather than just images of end results.

If you were looking at a roofing ad would you rather see a completed roof on a house or people busy working? End result photos don’t usually engage people due to the lack of human interaction with that particular content.

Keep these four tips in mind as you’re building out content for your next Facebook Ad campaign to engage with the people on the other side of the ad.