Do you want to grow your business? Facebook and Instagram Ads are a great tool to utilize. Even if you have never run Facebook or Instagram Ads or have experimented a little bit, but you are not sure how to get real value out of it to confidently advertise on these platforms Boostpoint can help you receive a great return on investment out of your advertising spend. We are an advertising software that we built specifically with contractors in mind to really break down the barrier, learning curve, and time investment for building Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Here is how to get your Facebook and Instagram Ads running in just under 10 minutes!

Run Facebook Ads in Under 10 minutes with these Steps:

Target Audience

First, you will start by setting up your target audience. These are the current addresses where you are currently working or where you will be working in the next week. Adjust the radius around these addresses to be 1 or 2 miles to focus on that specific neighborhood you will be in.

Type of Ad

Next, you need to define the type of ad you want to run; it can be a photo or video ad.


You will select the budget that you want to spend on each ad. So if you have 3 addresses and you want 100 dollars for each address then your total is 300 dollars.

Time Frame

How long do you want the campaign to run? Usually, it is common to have your ad run for 3 weeks so you can edit the calendars for the start and stop dates of the ad.


Now it is time to build the creative side of the ad and decide what it will look like. We have a variety of different templates for different industries that have been professionally written for you to use. The template will prepopulate the fields and you can go through and edit according to what your business is looking for. You can save your edits as your own templates so it is ready for you to use the next time you create an ad campaign.

Visual Content

Then, you will choose an image or video for your ad. You can upload content from your computer or use our stock images and videos.


Preview the ad to make sure it is what you want, then submit and name your campaign.

That is all it takes to get your ad campaign up and running on Facebook and Instagram. In those seven steps, you identified your target audience, budget, timeframe, and content for the ad. This is a repeatable system you can put into action in a consistent way where you can advertise with confidence knowing you are actually going to have a positive return on investment with your advertising dollars. Get started in 10 minutes with Boostpoint!

You want to create engaging content but don’t have a 5 to 10 thousand dollar budget to hire a professional video production crew to come out and make you a promotional video for your company? Don’t let that be a hindrance because we have run some tests with Facebook and Instagram Ads and what has been found is that simple videos providing value versus a very well done or commercial type of promo perform better.

Customer Story for Videos without a Budget

For one specific test, we ran two videos side by side. One video was a 10,000 dollar video production, which was a very good promo video talking about the key benefits of working with that particular company. The second video that we ran parallel to it was just a simple video that one of the sales reps filmed with his smartphone. The video that performed quite a bit better was that simple video. The reason being that on social media platforms people are looking to engage with other people, rather than be sold on a product or service. That’s why a traditional type of ad doesn’t to the greatest on social media platforms.

Here are a few tips that will help you make great videos without a budget!

Valuable Content

When you are filming your content is crucial. It is common to see that having human interaction, whether you are talking to the camera, filming one of your employees, or someone involved with your company, take the time to think about the words that you are going to be speaking and think about the value that you can provide the viewer.

A good guide that can help is to position your potential customer and your customers as the hero in the story. To do this, you want to ask yourself the question “how can I provide value to them so that they can be the hero instead of just promoting and shouting how great your company is?” The customer is not necessarily wanting to know how certified you are or how long you have been in business, they are wondering how you can help them solve their problems so they can be the hero in the story.

So, how can you provide value to the reader?


The second tip is entertainment. You can be entertaining or maybe you have someone in your office who is a great entertainer. This is important but it can be a little trickier because it’s easy to be cheesy and why you should lean more on the side of providing value.

Stable Video

There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive camera for a stable video. Get started with what you have. For most people that means their smartphones already have great cameras built into them. To make your video look even better is to make it stable. Getting a tripod or handheld gimble help so your image is very stable and not shaky.

Depth of Field

The fourth tip is to create a little bit of depth of field when you are filming a customer video or one of your sales reps in front of a job you are completing. Create some distance between you and the background so there is a little bit of a better feel.

Clean audio

Lastly, getting clean audio is vital, especially if your filming outside your phone is going to capture all the noise and it’s going to be hard to understand what they are saying. There are some fairly inexpensive microphones for your iPhone like a lav mic or a shotgun mic. Clean audio goes a very long way. Don’t let audio be an excuse for you not to film!

By having a great frame, clean audio, and providing super great value through what you are communicating through the video, you can take these elements and turn it into a video and have a really great piece of engaging content that will trigger the viewer into the action you want.

Traditionally, for a Facebook Ad, you are trying to get your target audience to click on your link to get them to a page where they can call you or fill out a form so you can reach out. This page is often called a landing page as it is made specifically for the ad to help get quality leads from your advertising spend. A landing page is a vital piece to the whole Facebook Ads marketing puzzle, so you will need to give some thought into the landing page that you will send people to from your Facebook Ads. Here are 4 key things your landing page must have in its framework to convert clicks into leads.

Must-Haves for your Landing Page:

Clear Messaging

Make sure your message is clear and to the point. Your headline state exactly what someone is is on the page for and the message should relate to the message from the type of ad you are running. For example, if you are running a Facebook ad that says “is your roof leaking” and the call to action is “schedule a free inspection to see the condition of your roof” your landing page should reflect scheduling a free inspection.

Supporting Content

Now that you have your clear message so people understand why they are there, you want supporting content to explain a little bit more in depth of what they’ll actually get if they respond to the landing page or fill out the form. If your landing page is about a free inspection or quote, explain to people a little bit about what it means and what they can expect. For example, you may want to say “once you fill out this form someone will reach out to you to schedule an appointment” so they know someone will reach out to them and then keep explaining the whole process so they know what to expect. Having key bullet points and a little more content is extremely helpful so you are clearly communicating to the person what they will get.

Bold Call to Action

The third you must have on your landing page is a bold call to action (CTA) that is placed in a form. Since most people will be coming from either a Facebook or Instagram Ad, they might not be in the frame of mind where they will want to give you a call right then but they might be more willing to fill out a form for you to reach out to them at a later time. In most cases, it works best if there is a short form where you get their first and last name, email address, and phone number. Having a clear CTA on your landing page that is connected to the CTA in the ad your running is vital to converting leads.

Attractive Design

Lastly, you want to make sure your landing page is designed well and looks visually appealing. Having an attractive design is key. You don’t want your whole page just to be the form to fill out, add images and have your headings and supporting points flow down the page. Here are two examples of great landing pages:

Landing Page example 2

When you have a clear message, supporting points, and CTA done well on an attractive landing page your conversion ratios are going to perform a lot better versus a landing page with a mixed message.

To get people to engage with your content, video is currently one of the top ways to create engaging content. One version an engaging video is to bring in human interaction with a customer testimonial video. These videos are more than just a testimonial video, they are stories. You are trying to provide value through this piece of content, where traditionally in a customer testimonial video can come across as a little ‘saleszy’ from your customers.

Traditionally, a customer testimonial video would say “Hey we worked with xyz company and they did a great job and we referred them to all our friends and family.” This is okay for a video but it doesn’t go deep into the problem you were able to your customer. For a really engaging customer story video, you will want to go deeper into the problem and how you helped them solve it. By following this three-step process, you can create engaging customer testimonial videos.

Questions for Engaging Customer Testimonial Videos

Question 1

What problem did you have?

Question 2

How did our company do in solving that problem for you?

Question 3

What was the result after we solved this problem for you?

These questions will trigger your customers to go a little bit deeper into their story and draw out more information that can provide value to other potential customers. For example, a roofing company may draw out information like “I had this big problem because a hailstorm went through my area, I thought my roof was damaged, but I wasn’t quite sure. Xyz roofing company came out inspected my roof for free, and they took away all the stress that was involved with working with the insurance company and all the questions I had. The result was a new roof with a completely stress-free process because they took care of everything.”

Again these three questions will prompt a little bit more of a response like that example which will produce a more engaging piece of content that your potential customers will be able to connect with.

Creating engaging content can make or break your marketing campaign. It doesn’t matter how well you target your audience or make good impressions if you don’t have engaging content people will be less likely to interact or respond to your content. This is what I like to call the “X Factor” in advertising. When you create an engaging ad that triggers the response you are looking for from your audience then you have a successful ad.

What makes an ad engaging? Good question. Here are four tips to help you create engaging content for your next Facebook Ad campaign.

Tip #1 Perspective for Engaging Content

Are the images, videos, and copy you are using for your ads going to be engaging? Will people find them interesting and worth interacting with? A general rule to follow when you build out a new advertising campaign is taking a look at the ad through a third person perspective. Ask yourself “if I had no idea what the industry, service, or product was, would I find the words, images and/or video in this piece of content interesting?”

Having a third person perspective to guide your creative process can help you determine whether the content will be engaging for your audience.

Tip #2 Human Interaction

If you want your ads to succeed on Facebook, it is important to shift your mind from traditional ways of marketing like creating ads for billboards, postcards, or TV commercials. These types of ads will not perform well on the Facebook platform.

If your ad goes right to “Call 1-800-New-Roof” for a special discount or offers it is too impersonal for a Facebook Ad. The reason for this is because Facebook and Instagram were built off of looking to create deeper relationships with friends and family. That means that when people are on Facebook and Instagram that are wanting to interact with other people and are looking for human interaction on these platforms.

Tip #3 Creative Videos

A great way to bring human interaction into your ad is through video.

A customer story video is a great option because people can hear about another person’s experience. Have a customer answer questions like what the problem was, how it was working with your company, and how your company helped solve the problem. This brings more insight for the potential customers looking at hiring you to hear about someone else’s experience.

Another great option for video is a quick selfie video telling people the value that you can provide. For example, a roofing contractor might do a video saying “Hey, I’m in this neighborhood, we’re inspecting roofs because of the recent windstorm that went through the area. Give us a call or fill out the form for a free roof inspection.” Something as simple as that is a great source of engaging content for running ads because of the value it provides to your audience.

Tip #4 Action Photos

Maybe your not ready to get in front of the camera, action photos are another type of content that works fairly well. Take some action photos of your workers actually working in the area or how to do some of the work. Actions photos provide more of the human interaction that people like to see on Facebook and Instagram rather than just images of end results.

If you were looking at a roofing ad would you rather see a completed roof on a house or people busy working? End result photos don’t usually engage people due to the lack of human interaction with that particular content.

Keep these four tips in mind as you’re building out content for your next Facebook Ad campaign to engage with the people on the other side of the ad.

It can be hard to build consistency in your advertising and marketing. It is so easy to default to a shotgun approach in advertising where you tend to put large amounts of money towards marketing and advertising in a time when work is slow hoping for a good return on investment but tend to overlook advertising when business is doing well. So, how do you build a repeatable process that will accelerate business growth?

Consistent Advertising Process

Advertising is similar to investing because to generate a steady return with compound interest in investing; it takes consistency in putting your money into a good investment. The same is true for advertising, to get a good return on investment you have to find the best place to put your advertising money. Facebook and Instagram Ads are one of the best places to invest your advertising dollars, but it takes a consistent rhythm and pattern to return consistent results.

The strategy Boostpoing proposes is that you build your advertising campaigns in all of the areas you are currently working. Not only does it increase the probability of the people in that specific neighborhood seeing your ads, but by following this pattern of running campaigns from current job sites on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you will see business growth throughout the year. For example, every Monday morning, you get into the office check where you are currently going to be working for the next week or so and build campaigns in those areas.

Consistent Advertising Budget

It’s great to have a marketing strategy, but how will you fund that plan. It is crucial also to have a consistent budget where you are not just shotgun spending on advertising. The consistent pattern for your marketing strategy is not the only piece that it benefits, but also your marketing budget.

When you base your ads off of your current jobs, you can also base your budget off of those jobs as well. We have found that as a general rule for contractors, taking one percent of the job value and reinvesting that in the neighborhood you are working in to return more customers in those areas.

By having a consistent marketing strategy and marketing budget, you will be more likely to accelerate business growth consistently throughout the whole year. Don’t wait until business is slow, start getting your business’s message out there!

There’s this general rule in marketing that says someone needs to see your message at least seven times before you can expect them to take action on your offer and potentially become your next customer. It is known as the “Rule of 7”. So based on this rule, the big question is, how does your business get in front of a large group of people enough times to make a lasting impression?

Creating Impressions

The challenge with traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and direct mail is the expense, which can be thousands of dollars, needed to make enough impressions on an individual. New platforms like Facebook and Instagram, provide a place to reach many people at once for a much cheaper cost. Ads on Facebook and Instagram allow you to target a specific area and only spend 75 to 100 dollars, which will go a long way to get your message in front of these people enough times.

The goal is to build off of your organic reach you are already making with your trucks, signs, and employees working in the area. When combined with a hyper-targeted strategy, that targets the areas your currently working in where you are organically making impressions your Facebook Ads will produce more results. Putting 100 dollars towards a Facebook and Instagram Ad in a one or two-mile radius will get your brand in front of these people three to five times within a two to four week period.

Lasting Brand Impact

Once your business is in front of these people enough times, you create a lasting brand impact. So that when they have a problem that your business fixes, you are the company they naturally think about because you have been in front of them enough times.

The big question is how to get your brands message in front of the people who are most likely to become your next customers. Targeting is one of the biggest factors in running an effective Facebook Ad. The goal is to maximize every dollar you spend by only targeting people that are a good fit for your business.

The Wrong way to Target New Customers

One of the most common ways that contractors improperly target their Facebook Ads is taking the address of their office and target a 25-mile radius around the location and run ads consistently in the large area. The problem with that concept is the targeted area is too large and trying to target too many people. When people are scrolling through Facebook and seeing your ad once or twice, it is not enough to create a real brand impact if the people your targeting have not previously interacted with your brand.

A Better Way to Target Customers

To have a lasting impact, we recommend a hyper-targeted approach to your ad campaign. The way to do this properly is to base this off of neighborhoods where you are currently working and are planning to complete within a week or so and use those addresses to create a hyper-targeted ad with a 1 to a 2-mile radius in just those neighborhoods.

The purpose of the 1 to 2-mile radiuses is the people within the targeted neighborhoods will see your business’s brand in many different forms while you are working. All those people are already seeing your trucks, yard signs, you doing work in the area, and now you are targeting them with ads on Facebook for the next 2 to 4 weeks.

On Facebook, they will see your brand multiple times and it will now be a place where they can get to your website to give you a call, respond to your message, reach out to you, and potentially become your next customer.

Targeting to Grow your Business

The people in the neighborhoods you are working in have seen your business throughout the last month in many different forms and now you have established your brand with them. By specifically targeting a smaller group of people after you complete a job, it builds relevance for the Facebook Ad leaving the viewers less likely to dismiss it right away if they saw you driving or working in their neighborhood. It’s more likely for them to come to you when they have a problem that your business solves.

I know that it can be frustrating to spend lots of money on advertising and not see the results that you should be. How can your business advertise in a way that is consistently bringing in new leads and not costing a fortune?

I want to share with you our 8 secrets to effective Facebook Ads! These 8 secrets will help you:

-Get your business in front of the right audience

-Build a recognizable brand

-Provide a consistent marketing plan

-Create engaging content

The 8 Secrets

The 8 secrets will help break down the simplicity of marketing and find people who are the most likely to become your customers. You can build your brand awareness and gather new customers by using these 8 secrets simultaneously:





-Testimonial videos

-Video without a budget

-Landing Page

-Setup an ad in 10 minutes.

Why Follow the 8 Secrets?

Advertising is similar to investing. If you invest in the right things consistently over time your going to have a domino effect of positive ROI (return on investment). By utilizing and leveraging the Facebook platform consistently, you can build a recognizable brand where people will come to you when they have a problem that your company solves.

Why Facebook Ads?

Creating Facebook Ads is a resource contractor tend not to utilize, but it has the potential to produce countless new customers in a systematic way that a billboard or TV commercial does not. These 8 secrets are the key pieces to creating successful ads, but if one secret is not being done well or not at all, it significantly impacts the success of the ads for your company.

Learn More

Learn how our 8 secrets to effective Facebook Ads can help you in this video!