Your digital ad could be the most engaging, most creative content in the world, but if the right people don’t see it, you’ve just wasted time and money.

Here are two must-have ingredients to ensure that when it’s time for a consumer to find a nearby plumber, roofer, caterer, or whatever it is you do best, yours is the brand they remember.

Targeting that identifies your likeliest future customers

Your service area may extend 10 or 25 miles, but showing ads to that entire audience on Facebook and Instagram isn’t usually the most cost-effective way to spend digital ad dollars.

Instead, you’ll get more out of your marketing budget by targeting the advertisement to specific neighborhoods where you’re already working or planning to work soon.

These audiences are the most receptive because you are currently—-or will be—-a physical presence in their neighborhood, from yard signs to branded trucks to employees’ company t-shirts.

You could try to define these specific audiences yourself, but that can take lots of trial and error. Even if you have a pretty good handle on digital marketing, that kind of legwork often takes more time than you have, especially if you’re an owner-operator.

Boostpoint makes digital advertising easier on Facebook and Instagram with algorithms that define those specific audiences for you. The result is targeting that’s spot-on, creating repeated impressions with the right people—-and, in addition to building a strong local brand name, that also makes your digital advertising much more effective.

Impressions where & when they matter most

A consumer needs to see your message at least 7 times before taking action and buying your product or service. The essence of that old marketing saying still holds true in the digital advertising world.  

As a local business, you’re already—-or will be—-making impressions in the neighborhoods where you work. Every yard sign, every truck graphic, every door hanger…each is a chance to make that impression on someone who might need your services, whether it’s next week or next year.

Adding digital impressions through ads on channels like Facebook and Instagram reinforces the messages you’re already sending to nearby consumers. And, because the impressions are digital, they also give potential customers a place to take action, like clicking through to your website where they can, for example, request an estimate.

Consistent impressions place your brand in front of the right people before they maybe even realize they need your services, so that when an event happens and they need a roofing contractor or professional landscaper, your company is the first name they think to call.

Ready to get started?

Use Boostpoint to grow your local brand. Sign up for your free account—-it takes only a few minutes to connect your company’s social media profiles, and it’s simple to start getting those highly targeted impressions.

Creativity is marketing’s X-factor.

It’s the element that creates engagement between your brand and the people on the other side of your Facebook or Instagram ads.

So how do you build digital ads that create engagement?

When you’re creating local ads to market your business, put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re working to connect with.

Ask yourself: What would engage that person scrolling through their social media?

The answer is different than advertising on static platforms, like billboards or direct mail pieces, where we might use a Call To Action like “Call us for a free estimate” or “Buy 3 new windows, get 1 free.”

Two Quick Creative Digital Ad Ideas to Engage Your Local Audience

One way to create click-worthy content is to tap into the stories of customers in the neighborhoods you’re targeting with a particular ad. For example, after wrapping up a project, use your smartphone to film a short customer story to highlight that client’s problem and how your business solved it for them.

Or are you a contractor using drones? Another simple idea: Capture aerial footage or an image of the neighborhood where you’ve just done work. Then use the bird’s-eye view content in a digital ad campaign that targets that same neighborhood. Use a CTA like: We’re replacing roofs in your area—contact us for a free estimate!

The more engaging your local digital ads are, the more likely they’ll be seen.

Telling local customers’ stories and showing unique images a viewer may not have seen before can boost engagement so people seeing those digital ads are more likely to do business with your brand instead of with the competition.

Starting or refreshing your digital ad strategy is easier than you think.

Boostpoint is a digital ad solution that empowers you to create, publish, target, and measure social media-based campaigns that grow your business. And, if you need a creativity nudge, Boostpoint even gives you access to digital ad templates.See firsthand how simple and effective local digital advertising can be—sign up for free.