2 Quick Digital Ad Ideas To Grow Your Local Brand

by Sam Beiler | Last Updated on 12.11.2018

Creativity is marketing’s X-factor.

It’s the element that creates engagement between your brand and the people on the other side of your Facebook or Instagram ads.

So how do you build digital ads that create engagement?

When you’re creating local ads to market your business, put yourself in the shoes of the person you’re working to connect with.

Ask yourself: What would engage that person scrolling through their social media?

The answer is different than advertising on static platforms, like billboards or direct mail pieces, where we might use a Call To Action like “Call us for a free estimate” or “Buy 3 new windows, get 1 free.”

Two Quick Creative Digital Ad Ideas to Engage Your Local Audience

One way to create click-worthy content is to tap into the stories of customers in the neighborhoods you’re targeting with a particular ad. For example, after wrapping up a project, use your smartphone to film a short customer story to highlight that client’s problem and how your business solved it for them.

Or are you a contractor using drones? Another simple idea: Capture aerial footage or an image of the neighborhood where you’ve just done work. Then use the bird’s-eye view content in a digital ad campaign that targets that same neighborhood. Use a CTA like: We’re replacing roofs in your area—contact us for a free estimate!

The more engaging your local digital ads are, the more likely they’ll be seen.

Telling local customers’ stories and showing unique images a viewer may not have seen before can boost engagement so people seeing those digital ads are more likely to do business with your brand instead of with the competition.

Starting or refreshing your digital ad strategy is easier than you think.

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